Who We Are 
Item Agri-Industrial Enterprises Ltd 


Initiated by the foresighted late Senator Simeon Mbah Ojukwu, the Ebubedike of Item, he was the brains behind what can now be seen as the most innovative Agricultural establishment on a massive scale in Nigeria. 

Initially, farming in Nigeria was based on the cultural mindset where families have their own little piece of land that they own as birthright, and from here they derive their sustenance. Farming was done on a small scale with every family, using their respective birth-righted piece of land to farm for sustenance, from fruits and vegetables that naturally grew inside of most holdings. This land was used over and over again for centuries, for growing traditional fruits like cassava, yams, exotic fruits like oranges, mangoes, pawpaw, etc. 

The idea of a mechanised farming was completely alien to a people set on a certain traditional ways of existence, until the survival and innovative instinct of Chief Ojukwu came into play. And by October 1966, having returned back from England where he studied and graduated in Law, he went on to create a new agricultural company, with the sole purpose of producing palm oil, not only for Nigeria, but for global consumption. 

Item Agric has since then blossomed into one of the biggest palm oil producing enterprises in the country, consequently providing 9am to 5pm  jobs for the local population, and effectively exporting high quality virgin or crude palm oil (CPO) for global consumption.  

There are nine big localities that make up what is now Item - part of the the land of the gods within the original core of the Igbo. They are Akanu Item, Amaeke Item, Amaekpu Item, Apanwu Item, Amaokwe Item, Okoko Item, Okai Item, Okagwe Item, and Umuakpa Item. 

Item Agri-Industrial Enterprises is located within a physical triangle bordering Akanu, Okai and Umuakpa Item, approximately 25 square miles of palm plantation, with its headquarters situated at Akanu-to-Okai road. 

From this huge agricultural settlement, a new town is now growing up gradually as Agri-village (Agriville), of Akanu Item. And from both Okai community and Umuakpa locality, beautiful new contemporary buildings are emerging within the periphery of Item-Agri, from Akanu, Umuakpa and Okai ends. It is hoped that a completely new town of Agriville will emerge from this agricultural venture, thanks to the original vision of late Senator Ojukwu. 

A newly macadamised through road from Akanu Item, all the way to Akeze has been completed, to allow for easy transportation of palm produce for the benefit of Ebonyi State and beyond. 



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